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David Young, founder and president of Paragon Wealth Management, and daughter, Katie Bunnell, created the Live Your Dream Foundation in 2010 to support single, struggling mothers who have aspirations for higher education. Katie Bunnell experienced being a single mother after her husband unexpectedly passed away, left to provide for her 3 month old daughter. She decided to go to college to receive her bachelor’s degree. Katie searched for scholarships, but had difficult time finding them in her situation. Notwithstanding, Katie persevered and after much effort was able to complete her bachelor’s degree in just two and a half years. Byron, Katie’s husband, was an employee at Paragon Wealth Management at the time. Byron was a dear colleague, friend, and family member. His tragic death came as an unexpected shock to everyone who knew him. He added joy and meaning to many people’s lives. (

Scholarships are awarded each year up to $2,000 each and can be used for any university, college, or technical school. Scholarship funds are awarded directly to the school.

The Live Your Dream Scholarship was created to help single mothers in similar situations complete college and accomplish their dreams of providing for their families.


The applicant must:
– Be a single mother
– Be a resident of Utah at the time of application
– Be a graduate of an accredited high school or have equivalent
– Have realistic and obtainable educational goals
– Demonstrate financial need for the scholarship

Our foundation is open to diversity and inclusion within the single mother population. We celebrate diversity and acknowledge that diversity strengthens communities. We do not discriminate based on color, race, ethnicity, or age. We encourage all to apply.

Application dates

December 5, 2017 is the scholarship application deadline for 2018 winter/spring semester.

April 15, 2017  is the scholarship application deadline for 2017 fall semester. Scholarships will be awarded on May 23, 2017 at our annual golf tournament at Talons Cove Golf course. All scholarship recipients will need to attend the event.  

For New Applicants


Once you press the “Apply Now” button located at the bottom of this page, the information below will be required in the online application. All the information must be included or the application will not be submitted.

  1. Provide Financial Information


  2. Share Story

  3. College Transcript/Proof of Admission

  4. Letter of Recommendation 

*Hint- In the application, make sure you agree to the COMPLIANCE and complete the VERIFICATION portion at the bottom of the application, before you submit your information.

Press the “Apply Now!” button at the bottom of this page to begin the online application process.

For Re-applicants

For reconsideration on past applications, email, that you are reapplying for the scholarship. Include an update on your story and financial information.

President Katie Bunnell

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Provo, UT 84604
Office: (801) 375-2500  Fax: (801) 370-1111


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