Live Your Dream Foundation was founded in 2010 by David Young, founder and president of Paragon Wealth Management (, and his daughter Katie Bunnell. It’s mission would be to support single, struggling mothers who have aspirations for higher education. The Live Your Dream Scholarship was created to help single mothers in similar situations complete college and accomplish their dreams of providing for their families.

The story began when Katie Bunnell experienced being a single mother after her husband Byron, unexpectedly passed away in 2005. Byron was not only a beloved family member, he was also a dear friend and colleague employed at Paragon Wealth Management at the time. Byron’s tragic death came as an unexpected shock to everyone who knew him. He added joy and meaning to many people’s lives.

Suddenly, Katie was left to provide for her 3 month old daughter. Katie decided her best first step would be to go to college to receive her bachelor’s degree. Katie searched for scholarships, but had a difficult time finding any scholarships for her situation.

Notwithstanding, Katie persevered and after much effort was able to complete her bachelor’s degree in just two and a half years from Utah Valley University in 2.5 years.

Now she is using the organization she created along with her family, the Live Your Dream Foundation, to give scholarships to other single moms. “It was a dream of mine because I had gone through such a struggle to find resources out there for help,” she said. “That’s how it started. It’s a great thing, especially when you go through hard situations, to be able to find some good and give back.”

At the Live Your Dream Foundation, $2,000.00 scholarships are awarded each year and can be used at any university, college, or technical school. Scholarship funds are awarded directly to the school.

Along with raising her three daughters with her husband, Devin Bunnell, Katie enjoys spending time in the outdoors, playing sports, boating, and working in the yard. Katie can always be found playing practical jokes, giving meaningful advice, and finding ways to serve her friends and family.