Tera Ettinger, was born into a home under poor circumstances. A brief overview of her past will give you an understanding about her challenges. She has personally been touched by alcoholic parents, sexually abused, lost her father at age eight, date raped (which resulted in teenage motherhood), the tragic loss of three cousins in a train accident, addiction and an abusive marriage. Tera says, “The irony of these challenges have become my greatest gift, without which I would not have had desperation or willingness to seek for something better”She seeks support through meetings and sponsorship; she focuses on physical well-being with daily exercise, proper nutrition, and getting sufficient rest. She is a new person with strengths and talents that were hidden; her heart is full of gratitude and she is willing to work hard to better her life and the lives of her children. She is 3 years sober and is excited for her future.This Fall she will begin the dual enrollment program of the Bachelor of Social Work and Advanced Substance Use Disorder Counselor. Following her graduation she plans to pursue a Masters of Social Work at Brigham Young University. Her ultimate goal is to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Courageously she has lofty career goals to open a drug treatment counseling center for women and their children.

We are so grateful for Tera and all her hard work and dedication. We commend her and her ability to accomplish hard things.